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No-Touch Forehead Thermometer
No Touch Forehead Thermometer - OrbitSuperDeals
No Touch Baby Infrared Thermometer - OrbitSuperDeals
No Touch Infrared Thermometer - OrbitSuperDeals
No-Touch Forehead Thermometer
No Touch Infrared Thermometer - OrbitSuperDeals

No-Touch Forehead Thermometer

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Our 4 IN 1 Forehead & Ear Thermometer measures Temperature Quickly, Accurately and Safely.

No-Touch Digital Thermometer offers both convenience and professional accuracy. Fast, gentle, easy to use and the most important it will avoid touch skin so no risk for cross-infection. 


The infrared thermometer measures the body temperature based on the infrared energy emitted from the eardrum or the forehead. It is safe to use on anybody including newborns, children and adults.


Patent technology to realize the separate measurement of adult and child.


Main Features:


Fever Alert: Each individual reading of our forehead thermometer gets an immediate indication if it encounters anything in fever range, causing a sound to emit from the thermometer and alert the user.

    37.5℃~38.4℃, the thermometer will emit an Orange back-light.

    38.5℃~42.9℃, the thermometer will emit a Red back-light.


Integrated Sensor: Our infrared thermometer provides quick, clinically accurate readings with no need for skin contact. The infrared sensor is able to detect temperature more accurate than standard mercury thermometers.


Practical: Dual mode of the baby forehead thermometer allows measuring in both F°and C° also 4 colour LED light display that provides clear readings in the dark, allow you easily to get body temperature without waking up your baby. 


Best Solution: This reliable thermometer offers fast, hygienic results. The indicator will turn red when it detects a fever. It turns green when there is no fever present. 


Memory Features: This allows you to store up to 40 sets of readings, recorded for better tracking the changes in body temperature.


Multi-Functional: It can measure not only body temperature but also the temperature of the surface of the water, baby milk, food, temperature of the room and more. 


How to use:

When using the thermometer for the first time, please load the batteries. Press and release the Measure/Mute button in one second,

Press the Mode/ Memory button to choose “Adult” Mode or "Baby" Mode. Then point the temperature probe at the centre of the forehead,

with a distance of 0-3 cm (0-1.18 inches). The beep is heard, you can now read the measuring result. 

After Measurement​

Once the reading has been completed, remove the thermometer away from the forehead/ear and observe the temperature.

Please notice: You should wait at least 10 seconds between each measurement. 


Pro Tip:

Keep less than 3 centimetres when used for measuring to get the most accurate data.

FDA and CE Approved.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed With Every Order.


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